FlowSheet Data Workbench

The FlowSheet Data Workbench is the heart of the ANKHOR Plattform for in-memory processing of data from various sources and in various data formats. Entirely without any script programming you model applications with the FlowSheet Data Workbench, which are displayed in the integrated interactiven Dashboard, or you simply and quickly perform an ad-hoc analysis of your data. You can either summarize the results in reports or export them for other documents. But the FlowSheet Data Workbench is also the development tool for data services of the ANKHOR server products. Hundreds of operators constitute FlowSheet as a universal and intersectoral data tool, which can be extended at any time due to its consistent and continuous data flow paradigm.

Free Community Versions
  • Data Workbench (Modeller)

    • simple and intuitive modelling with drag and drop
    • Ribbon user interface known from Microsoft Office
    • integrated interactive Dashboard for display and user input
    • Modelling with data in near real-time
    • Auto-layouter for optimal presentation of even complex data flow graphs
    • various functions of data inspection for deeper insight into each processing step
    • Meta information for data as integral part of data inspection
    • integrated context sensitive help system
    • Version control system (tracks all changes in a FlowSheet document)*
    • Modelling with simultaneous execution of the data flow graph
    • Collaboration for common remote editing (remote support)*

    Operators for:

    • Data import from files, web and databases as well as plug-in adapters
    • Data processing, among them methods of spreadsheet calculations, OLAP data cubes or analytics
    • Diagrams and visualizations
    • interactive Dashboard input and output
    • Generation of reports and documents (e.g. as pdf, html, rtf)
    • Ad-hoc analysis

    Execution machinery

    • highly optimized parallel execution of operations on the available CPU cores*
    • optimized for 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows
    • efficient compression of data, intermediate results and operations
    • Command line client for supporting batch processing*
    • Plug-in manager for extensions of data imports/export with highest speed
    • Hardware supported calculations with OpenCL (selected operators)

    * depending on the respective product edition

  • FlowSheet Data Workbench Version 2.0 - Editions and Pricing

    Status: November 2022
    FlowSheet Editions: Community Edition Professional Workstation
    Introductory Price: Free Free Free
    Data Workbench (Modeller)
    interaktive Dashboard
    Revision Control System
    Collaboration & Remote Support
    Compressed Graphs & Macros
    Plug-In Manager
    Command Line Client
    ANKHOR-Player Support
    Operating Systems Windows Windows Windows
    64-bit Application
    max. Number of Table Cells 20 Million 1 Billion unlimited
    Number of CPU-Threads 2 8 64
    Support Forum only Forum only Forum only
    All data refers to version 2.0. Technical modifications and errors reserved.
  • Licensing Terms and Conditions

    All ANKHOR FlowSheet products are subject to our EULA that you can find below. Please note that by clicking on the "Buy license" button, you agree to these licensing terms and conditions.

    Licenses for ANKHOR FlowSheet Professional and ANKHOR FlowSheet Workstation are perpetual for the major version that they have been bought for (at this time Version 1.5.x). All intermediate service updates until the next major version is released (Version 2.x.x) are included in the license.

    The execution environment (runtime) necessary to commercially distribute or deploy your solutions in productive environments needs to be licensed separately in form of the ANKHOR Player or the ANKHOR Web Application Server. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a favorable individual offer for the runtime matching the size and purpose of the solution developed by you.

    This Online Shop is operated by ANKHOR Intelligence GmbH, the licensor and world-wide distributor of the ANKHOR FlowSheet product range.

    Volume Discount and Educational Licenses

    We offer both volume discounts and educational licenses (students, teachers, schools, universities). Please contact our sales department for details at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Upgrade Policy

    All minor fixes and updates within the current revision (1.1.x) are included in the license fee. We will offer upgrades at special rates with the next major release of ANKHOR FlowSheet (2.x.x).

    EULA (End User Licensing Agreement)

    Please click on the link above to open the End User Licensing Agreement

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